The Jockey

There is little to say about this one - to me this is the essence about a jockey, with the concentration, the tension of the horse before the race, the assistant minding the environment and the onlookers in the background. 

Bäckerei Backfreund

Recently, I had the opportunity to look behind the scenes at a bakery, where everything remains hand-crafted. Torsten Burkhardt allowed me to join for one night to be with him when preparing dough, forming bread and running the oven.  I have to say I am deeply impressed by the skill and experience and it tought me a lesson on real hand-made bread. Some more photos from the night are here and there is also a small book published. Torsten's bakery "Backfreund" is located in Willroth and it is certainly worth a visit, my personal favourite is any of the baguettes.

The Pilot

In Bonn, an elderly gentleman recently caught my attention with the small aircraft pin at his jacket, glistering in the light. He explained, he was a fighter pilot in the 70ies and agreed to have his photo taken. 

I forgot to ask for his name to share the result.